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Finding high quality candidates is the key to success in our business. We find Property Industry experienced candidates through numerous sources but use our own personally procured network and word of mouth or referrals most commonly.

We offer a unique and tailor made service at Rubix, if our candidates commit to us then we commit to them. What we mean by that is, if they are serious about their job search, we invest our time finding them a job in the right location with the right package and for the right brand.

By offering this consultative service, we use our knowledge and experience to give our candidates a competitive advantage in the property marketplace, helping them build their career from beginning to end and being able to enable them to make the right moves at the right time.

If you are wondering what value Rubix can add to yourself or your business, please take a look at why use a recruitment agent . Or for our clients please take a look at our client page. If you want to make use of our expertise, then give us a call or upload your CV and we would be delighted to help.

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