Why recruit a graduate?

When seeking candidates for a new role, graduates often get overlooked as they lack the industry experience and often need training. However, there are benefits to recruiting graduates over more experienced candidates and here are 8 reasons why:

1) Eager to learn, gain experience and progress on a career path
Graduates will often work harder to impress their employers and progress in a role, having just left education means they are also tuned into learning and succeeding. By paving the way for a long-term career path to a young professional, who will be more likely to retain and grow them within your brand, with loyalty built up due to opportunity given.

2) Graduates are willing to take lower salaries
Wanting to gain experience in a role often means not having such a focus on salary, gaining experience is frequently recognised as being more important. Training and experience is key for graduates to help them build a solid base, particularly within the London property market, so solid L&D schemes play their part. Even with the demands of training and continued support needed by graduates, businesses often save themselves significant figures over the long-term.

3) New fresh ideas
Younger generations are exposed to different images, trends, experiences and influences which often breeds different perspectives, this often leads to new fresh ideas for your business, with many graduates positively affecting the direction businesses take both long and short term.

4) They’re willing to adapt
Graduates are sponges, they are trained to soak up information and adapt to different problems. They will be open to new opportunities and getting stuck into as many projects or tasks as possible with a desire to gain experience, leading to a highly motivated individual who will often enthuse those around them. Most graduates are flexible with their time due to a lack of life commitments, giving yourself an adaptable workforce. Most students will also seek information for themselves and are likely to pass on new techniques to those around them.

5) Mouldable
They are a blank canvass on which you can imprint your own way of working, you don’t have to have the regular arguments of “I’ve always done it like this” with a graduate which often happens within the London property sector.

6) They have market knowledge
Having just rented student properties for the past 2/3 years grads will have knowledge of the rental process, with some wanting to get onto the property ladder. This understanding and experience is beneficial as they will understand and relate to a younger audience and this will give you first hand insight into the student market, graduate market and first-time buyer market.

7) They will be technology efficient and have transferrable skills
Recent graduates will have just had to deal with technology such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and sometimes Access, which is beneficial to many roles. Depending on their degree they may also have experience with photoshop and other creative suites. They will also have developed transferrable skills such as written and oral communication, problem solving, analysis and presentation skills. With a digital age booming, you also need to be modern technology efficient, the benefit of a grad is that they have grown up immersed in technology and will already have the knowledge of things such as social media, smart phones which is a great boost for your brand especially if you are trying to use digital marketing to target your customers.

8) Used to multitasking
Graduates are often well versed in the art of multitasking as they usually have had to juggle a part time job with many assignments with close due dates etc. This is beneficial especially in roles within Estate Agency, Property Management and New Homes, where you have lots of tasks that need to be done in a short time frame with time sensitive information.

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