What makes a good recruiter?

A good recruiter understands both the clients and candidates’ needs and requirements. It is important to give all parties as much information as possible, in order for the right decision to be made.

Here’s our guide to what a good recruiter looks like.

1) Responding promptly to enquiries
A good recruiter is responsive. They will be on top of providing feedback and ensuring all parties are kept well informed with how the process is developing. A good recruiter will get detailed feedback from their client’s, so the candidate can improve for future roles. They may also pass on any suggestions that they feel will help the client acquire the best talent.

2) Knowing the job brief
A good recruiter will take the time to understand a job brief. This is to ensure the role is accurately described to the candidate. Knowing exactly what skills and qualities the client is looking for is imperative, when choosing the right people to send for interviews.

3) Know the market
The best recruiters have a good understanding of the markets they are recruiting for. Knowing the market means they will firstly, understand their client’s company and overall be able to “pitch” a job brief, from a personal understanding to prospective candidates. Secondly, knowing the market means they will be able to give candidates advice, which is highly beneficial when seeking a new career path or, wanting to develop your current one. A knowledgeable recruiter will also be able advise their client on why a candidates skills are particularly relevant to the market they cover.

4) Good organisational skills
To succeed as a recruiter, you need to be organised. You are the middleman between the candidate and the client. This means; sending interview confirmations, replying to enquiries promptly and making sure your inbox is clear.

5) Communication skills
This is a no brainer, anyone in recruitment needs to be able to communicate effectively, with different types of people. You need to make sure you come across professionally to both your clients and candidates.

6) Good attention to detail
Sometimes a candidate’s CV may have small typos or a few grammatical errors, but they have the perfect background. Spotting mistakes and asking the candidate whether this is best representation of themselves is very important. Spelling and grammatical errors can happen and if they can successfully revisit their CV and make amends they may well secure their dream job. However if this is a running theme, it maybe because a candidate isn’t quite right for the role.

7) Meet and greet clients and candidates
A good recruiter will meet their candidates and clients. Meeting candidates means you can get a better understanding of how they present themselves, in a face to face setting and how they will be perceived by your clients. It is also key to meet up with your clients from time to time, this is a key element of relationship building and will ensure you keep getting roles from them.

8) Relationship building skills
Sometimes in recruitment you may come across candidates who are not relevant for the current roles that you have. However, they may may be perfect for a role in the near future. It is important that you turn this into a positive ongoing relationship, as building up your pipeline of candidates is an important part of recruitment.

9) Ask Permission
It is very important that as a recruiter you get the candidates position before sending over their CV or address. Not only is this important after GDPR but its important that you have your candidates trust. A violation of their trust will mean they won’t want to work with you.

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