Changing the Perceptions of Recruiters

The stress of being out of work for candidates or deciding your next move whilst in your current job can be a sensitive time for some, or an exciting time for others. The idea of dealing with perceptively nosy, commission-driven, sales shark recruiters, can be a conflicting experience.

A good recruiter is an inquisitive, non-judgmental one. For recruiters to place candidates in the best suited roles, there must be an honest understanding of any potential red flags that could arise when pitching to the client e.g. reasons for leaving a previous role or moving around jobs a lot. Recruiters need to know how best to represent you, your skills and experience to minimise any surprises for them and yourself. Equally, a good recruiter will always be as transparent with their candidates and clients as possible in return.

As the middleman of the hiring process, a recruiter’s role can be overlooked by the candidate as unimportant once they have met the client or perceptively too controlling. Cutting the recruiter out of the process can come across as underhand despite it being intended as an assertive move from the candidate. A recruiter’s role is hugely beneficial to the hiring process, as from the candidate’s point of view there is full support through the interview stages to handling the job offer and coordinating the contract terms. A good recruiter will fight a candidate’s corner to ensure the best deal is made for both parties and provide an aftercare service post placement.

As experts in this field, recruiters take pride in understanding their clients’ needs and using their knowledge of their specialist market to find the right candidates. In turn, good recruiters will only put forward the best candidates they deem fit for the role; providing a professional service and ensuring no one’s time is wasted. It’s also a great opportunity to put your company culture across as employer branding is a core element that candidates are increasingly looking towards in painting the bigger picture of a role. We believe having an agency on your side can be beneficial as a third-party insight.

At Rubix, we take a consultative approach with both clients and candidates. Experts in the property field, the team at Rubix are always one step ahead on moving industry trends. With our unrivaled, combined market experience the team will work to get the best deal for you. At Rubix, we value relationships with our clients as trusted partnerships. We want to invest in you, marketing you accurately and honestly.

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