A winning Negotiator

Negotiator roles within the property industry have attractive salary packages, which typically offer lower basic salaries but attractive OTE’s (on-target earnings) with tiered commission structures. It’s a challenging but rewarding environment where the successful agents often operate with uncapped, highly rewarding packages.

Here are some of the skills and characteristics which make a good sales and lettings negotiator;

  • Determination: A great negotiator is one who is determined to succeed, does not give up, can work under pressure, learns from their mistakes and can inevitably turn failures into future success.
  • Personable and honest: Having a likable attitude will enable you to gain peoples trust. This is key to building relationships with all parties that you meet as a negotiator such as: buyers, tenants, landlords, sellers, solicitors. Trust when dealing with what is often the most important and stressful transaction in an individual’s life is key.
  • Preparation: “If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail”. Preparation is a key aspect of any role. If you are well informed and you have done your research, you are putting your best foot forward in any situation. Market intelligence and reading around the market in which you operate will give you a competitive advantage in the property industry.
  • Communication skills: As a negotiator this is a key skill, knowing the best way to communicate information to customers easily and being able to keep communication lines consistent with your customers is a fine art and an essential skill in being a great negotiator. If they understand you and you understand them, you cannot loose.
  • Drive and ambition: You need to have the ability to reach and exceed targets to be a successful sales or lettings negotiator. Confidence and determination are what will enable you to take home a great OTE. Drive is what often separates those who succeed and those who fail with Estate Agency.
  • Client focussed: Understanding your customers needs and being able to deliver the right results is an approach which will set you apart from the competition.
  • Sales person: If you can think quickly on your feet, understand what influences behaviours and try to put the needs of your clients ahead of your needs to hit targets, then you will have one of the key skills of both a sales and lettings negotiator.

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