Interview Preparation

1. Research
Make sure you look at the company website and find out who they are owned by, how many offices they have and if you have any friends who work at the company call them and find out their commission structure, how many weekends they work etc.

2. CityMapper
Download the city mapper app and the day before the interview, work out how long its going to take you to get there and what route you are going to take.

3. Role play
We’ve heard them all before. We will call you the day before an interview and role play typical questions which may come up so you aren’t caught off guard.

4. Prepare your own questions
Remember that the interview works both ways. They are deciding whether or not you are correct for their company but you should also use this interview as an opportunity to see if this company is going to be right for you. A great way of doing this is preparing some questions for the interviewer. Don’t be afraid to push back with certain questions and hold your ground, as long as you remain professional we would always encourage our candidates to back their own opinion and points of view with confidence.

5. Look professional
Business attire for men and woman, if you are not sure what our clients expect then ask us but as a general rule it is always better to dress overly smart (or corporate) than wearing casual clothes. Once you land your dream role, then you can adapt to the company’s own dress code but better to play it safe on your first meeting!

6. All the extras
Take a spare copy of your CV, a notepad and pen, any copies of references or samples of work you might want to show. For example, do you write great promotional copy? Take some examples of successful adverts or brochures you have contributed to.

7. Be confident
Everyone has their own routine. Drink lots of coffee, go for an early morning run to shake of the nerves, play your favourite song which gets you in a good mood. Like anything else in life confidence comes with knowing your subject matter and practice. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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