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How do you identify a leader in an interview?

Being a great leader is more than climbing the career ladder as a manager; being able to network with the right people and attaining good results from your team. Being a great leader involves having a clear vision, knowing every

Changing the Perceptions of Recruiters

The stress of being out of work for candidates or deciding your next move whilst in your current job can be a sensitive time for some, or an exciting time for others. The idea of dealing with perceptively nosy, commission-driven,

What makes a good recruiter?

A good recruiter understands both the clients and candidates’ needs and requirements. It is important to give all parties as much information as possible, in order for the right decision to be made. Here’s our guide to what a good

A winning Negotiator

Negotiator roles within the property industry have attractive salary packages, which typically offer lower basic salaries but attractive OTE’s (on-target earnings) with tiered commission structures. It’s a challenging but rewarding environment where the successful agents often operate with uncapped, highly

Property Managers

What is the role of a property manager and why are they becoming so important to the industry? A property manager is a vital role for the property industry; especially a residential property manager as the role is a key

Cv’s in the Property Industry

When a recruiter looks at your CV, the presentation, way it reads or grammar may be a turn off. Not everyone has the right experience for a particular role but you can still make yourself look like a desirable candidate

Why recruit a graduate?

When seeking candidates for a new role, graduates often get overlooked as they lack the industry experience and often need training. However, there are benefits to recruiting graduates over more experienced candidates and here are 8 reasons why: 1) Eager

Post Brexit

Brexit, the conversation on everyone’s tongues. Many who voted leave have regretted their decisions. However, there is no going back as Theresa May has just recently triggered article 51. So, the next question is, what does leaving the EU mean

Social Media and YOU

When a recruiter lands on your CV, the first thing they historically do is google you. The boom of the digital age has led to social media moving from a leisure use, to an everyday necessity and an extension of

The Rubix Difference

Having jointly worked in the property industry for over 20 years, we are excited to launch Rubix Recruitment today!! Specialising in Residential Estate Agency, our employees have all come from an Estate Agency background and are well placed to help our

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